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Teigan’s ALMOST Australian Breakfast Feast – with a Protein Pattie topped with Vegemite & Avocado

This is a Taigan-inspired experiment into branching out from the traditional English fry-up to Australia. My version is, of course, not representative of Australian cuisine and is also severely different from ‘the real deal’ Taigan was writing about in many ways:

1. I’m using Venison sausages,

2. I don’t like breakfast-type usually-sweet beans,

3. Instead of toast, I made a Protein Pattie which I combined with the idea of what I think is ‘Bubble and Squeak’ (which from what I can gather involves a lot of veggies made into a pattie and held together by mashed potato before being fried).

Normally, this ‘Bubble and Squeak’ would be eaten solo and the Vegemite and avocado would go onto the toast but I decided to marry the toast with the Squeak and top THAT with Vegemite and Avocado. Anyways, yuuuuuuuum!!!!!!!! I do apologize for the utter dishonor to ‘the real deal,’ but hey ;-)


venison sausage
a veggie sort of protein pattie (made with pea protein, artichoke hearts, onions, garlic, quark and an egg white)

Macros per Serving: N/A

Boom I love trying new combos :-D

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