Protein Insanity Chocolate Crepes

It’s a simplified version of my blueberry-goji pancakes but think thinner, crunchier, fuller – think madness on a fork. Waaa! I swear the room almost disappeared (the sweetness of the vanilla and berries with the bitter richness of the 90% and the PB/seed crunchiness, well, ummmmph!).

160g egg white
20g vanilla whey
80g frozen bluebos
25g gojis
7g hemp seeds
3g linseeds


1. Pancake and flip.

2. When done, in went a layer of 10g melted 90% Lindt and 20g of PB. T

3. hey were then rolled, immediately forked and the rest, well…. a vous de juger ;-)

Macros per Serving (out of 1):

40g protein
34g carbs (10g fiber)
26g fat 

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