Multiseed Protein Bread –> Crazy Pumpkin French Almond Butter Toast

Insane. I mean, seriously. Making these loaves takes, what? 5 minutes and then around 20 in the oven? Hey zeus, a revelation indeed!


135g liquid whites
50g Greek yogurt
6g chia seed (woopee)
24g brown rice protein powder
51g quinoa flakes
13g pea protein powder
9g hemp seeds
6g pumpkin seeds
3g sunflower seeds


1. Whip it up with some baking poudre, sea salt, and BAM!

2. Bake for about 20 minutes.

It yields four slices the size of a big human’s palm (define big).

Macros per Loaf:

61g protein,
47g carb (of which 13g = fiber!)
15g fat, waaaaaaa!

Anyways so I made this with a plan: I woke up craving French Toast.

French Toast:

130g liquid whites
100g pumpkin
10g vanilla whey


Soaked two bad boys in there and fried them up in a nonstick and then, baaaaaaaaaam -> 20g of homemade almond butter.

Wu wu wuuuu. Protein madness on a plate :-)))))