Protein Brownies with Adzukis

Mixed reaction to the public unveiling of my adzuki protein brownies. While I personally devoured them, others seem to have had either just one, two, or three. This got me to thinking that the whole idea of making a brownie (and calling it such) without a. butter, b. flour, c. sugar can be somewhat unsettling for someone expecting to bite into exactly that.

Would their debut have been more successful if I had called them protein chocolate square cake things? Maybe. See, it wasn’t that they ‘tasted’ of whey (which some brownies tend to do and even I am not a fan). I just think that they may have been overly dense (brown rice protein has a tendency to do that) and certainly not sweet enough for other people (because I only used 1.5 bananas to sweeten the whole batch of 36 pieces).

I am curious to hear what those of you who like to make protein brownies, think of these because I personally absolutely loved them!


1 can unsalted adzuki beans
186g banana
83g quark
172g zucchini/courgette
56g brown rice protein powder
27g chocolate protein powder
20g cocoa
2 whole eggs
2 egg whites
baking powder 

Macros per Serving (out of 36):

2.56g protein
1.95g carbo (0.88g sugars/0.35g fiber)
0.58g fat (0.18g sat)


Adzuki beans are very high in lysine, the amino acid lacking in brown rice protein which, added to it, gives this a cracking amino acid profile)