Blueberry Protein Pancake Glory

Best Protein Pancake Recipe Dark Chocolate

Blueberries? Rich in antioxidants. Peanut butter? Also rich in antioxidants. Dark Chocolate? Richer still. Dark Chocolate + Blueberries? Amazing. Into pancakes? *sigh* These don’t have protein powder so in theory I shouldn’t post them but in practice, it’d be criminal not to – they’re CRAZY!!!!!


86g liquid egg whites
73g quark
78g pumpkin puree
21g oats
50g peanut butter
77g blueberries


All mushed together and thrown on a nonstick and, as soon as they come out, a piece of 90% dark chocolate begins to melt on top. O!!!!

Macros per Serving (out of 1):

34.2g protein
39g carbos (11g fiber)
30g fat

PS – yes the are pretty high in fat so if you want to eat all of them at once, use less PB, they still turn out delish! :-)