Brown Rice Protein Wraps with a Leek & Zucchini/Courgette Filling

I cannot recommend nutritional yeast + extra virgin oil as a topping enough. Since ny tastes like cheese, it’s like Parmesan and olive oil – a killer combo. Anyways, I usually make my protein wraps with just psyllium and egg white but today, inspiration struck and I ran into a revelation –> adding brown rice protein powder and quark to the equation makes them fatter, thicker, tastier, yummier … a protein packed wonder wrap of sorts ;-)


150 liquid whites
8g psyllium
70g quark
22 grams of brown rice protein


1. Mixed it with a blender and proceeded to cook the whole lot one by one in a nonstick.

2. Filled the whole bunch with a ton of cooked zucchinis+leeks+garlic and sprinkled it with (Greek, because I find it makes a difference) extra virgin olive oil and nutritional yeast. Yummmm!

Macros per Serving (out of 1):

39g protein
27.1 carbos (15.1g fiber)
18g fat 

Can divide into 4 wraps. All smiles here, all smiles.

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