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Whey Protein Chocolate Pudding

This has the same ingredients as the dark chocolate ice-cream, but adds one more: pumpkin, canned pumpkin. Try it! I know it sounds like a strange combo BUT: mmmm!


75g unsalted black beans
250g pumpkin puree
10g cocoa
1 heaping scoop of vanilla whey


Mash it all together and prepare like the black bean ice cream!

Macros per Serving (out of 1):

341 kcals
36g protein
47.4g carbs (16.4g fiber)
7g fat 

I WAS going to take a picture of the ACTUAL pudding, but then I couldn’t find my camera and it was yelling to be eaten (and you can’t say no to that) so here it is, or rather, was :-)


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