A Veg-Packed Dark Chocolate Pudding with Carrot Cake Ice Cream

This is not a finished recipe… it’s an invitation to play around with the ingredients. Basically, I loathe beetroot. I like the idea, LOVE the color , but the taste?

Not para mi, gracias.

That being said, the notion of beets with ultra dark chocolate seemed strangely inviting so I ventured out into making a pudding.


100g beetroot
100g grated zucchs
some brown rice protein powder
2 fat dates
a bunch of cinnamon
even more cocoa powder*


Stuck it in the oven and topped it with my carrot cake protein ice cream.

Macros per Serving: N/A


*Should have added some egg whites. Should have also added some quinoa or another ‘fluffer’ because indeed, brown rice solo can be overly dense but…nästagång!  

Overall, it was quite tasty but, really, it needs further theorization :-)

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