Shiitake Mushrooms with Venison & Protein Hummus

Really, should have worked on presentation because these pictures do NOT do it justice. Beh, sometimes one is too hungry to care (the ‘get it down ya’ approach) Well…. at least the mushrooms photographed well ;-)

Really, I’ve included a pic of these guys in their purchased state so you know what they are because in all seriousness: they are MAAAAAAADLY delicious!!! I was going to have a sharitaki noodle dish with shiitake mushroom sauce, just for the play of words, but who could say no to a British Venison burger? Not moi.


1 bunch fenugreek seeds
coriander seeds
2 red onions
3 garlic cloves (chopped)
soy sauce
shiitake mushrooms
40g hummus
15g pea protein
5g nutritional yeast
splash coconut milk


1. Fenugreek seeds were thrown onto the nonstick with some coriander seeds. In went 2 red onions and 3 garlic cloves (chopped), hot, hot, hot and then SPASH, fzzzz -> soy sauce.

2. Covered it and cooked on low heat, when pan was to dry, bam, more soy sauce (sizzzle). Anyways then threw the mushrooms in and after they were how I like them, I pushed them to the side and in came the burger to cook.

3. While this was going on, I mixed up 40g of hummus with 15g pea protein and 5g of nutritional yeast + some mustard and bit of coconut milk until it was as thick as I wanted it.

4. Topped the mushrooms with it and the burger and plated alongside some steamed broccoli and sharp cheese :-)

Macros per Serving: N/A

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