(Rice Protein & Whey) Coconut Banana Muffin-Cookies

My cookies came out like muffins so muffin-cookies they are. Instead of adding sugar or sweetener, I mashed up a banana and mmm! 


42g coconut flour mixed in with baking soda
20g ground almonds
25g brown rice protein
1/2 a scoop of vanilla whey

In another bowl mix:

30g of Flora Pro-Activ
2 whole eggs
1 banana.


1. Throw the flour/almond/brown-rice/whey into the flora/egg/banana mixture until all was looking nice and doughy.

2. Spoon onto a baking tray and 10 minutes later, the whole house began to smell really nice, really nice, really nice, until AA!

Almost burnt them (horror). Saved just in time. Yum. They were STILL a bit grainy (given the lack of actual flour) and a bit dry BUT really delicious! Like banana bread :-)

Macros per Cookie:

107 kcals
7.1g protein
5.9g carbos (3.4g fiber)
5.37g fat

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