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A Pumpkin Chocolate Nut & Seed Protein Pudding

Sometimes “accidents” yield great discoveries! Take for example this. I was trying to make a nut-seed-chocolate-spread with…


58g roasted brazils
10g hemp seeds
10g sunflower seeds
10g honey
10g cocoa 

…and it ended up looking and having a crumbly instead of ‘spreadable’ texture so as a spread, nay. BUT, what happened when it was spooned over…

80g pumpkin
15g vanilla whey
vanilla essence

= MMM! on top of the whey pudding, ’twas like cake :-)

Macros per Serving (out of 1):

For the crumble chocolate =
20g protein
15g carb (4.6g fiber),
56g fat

Mind you, that makes a good small jar-full of the stuff.

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