Protein Apple Crumble: the Filling

Apple crumble is the only dessert that I really like that contains fruit in it and yum yum yum!


2 small apples
ground cloves
20g vanilla whey
vanilla essence


1. I peeled two small apples, sliced them, topped them with cinnamon, a dash of ground cloves and a bit of nutmeg and threw them into the steamer.

2. In a separate bowl, I mixed in 20g of vanilla whey with some more of the spices mentioned above and some vanilla essence. (Could this be any easier?)

3. I then layered a glass with the whey, then the apples, then the whey, then apples, they whey. I stuck the ‘cookie’ I made yesterday in the grill so it could get super crunchy.

4. When done, I crumbled it (2/3 of it) on top!

Then, because I felt like having ice cream…


20g vanilla whey
100g frozen baby carrots
splash coconut milk


Blend & scoop on top!

Macros per Serving (out of 1):

Sans the ice cream the apple crumble
27.6g protein
51.6g carbos (10.5g fiber)
15.3g fat 

add the ice cream
544 kcals
40.6g protein
60g carbos (13.4g fiber)
17.9g fat