Shirataki Yam (Yum) Cake

This is in parentheses because it contains no powders. Like I’ve said before *sigh* shirataki doesn’t quite lend itself to mouth-watering-looking food.

This is the case for the noodles so IMAGINE (well, now you don’t have to) what it’s like with the ‘cakes’! I know. It looks bizzare, completely strange BUT would you believe me if I said it was actually pretty tasty!?

It’s hard to believe that a whole plateful of what I ended up making was only 340kcals, 41g protein, 12g carbs, 15g fat and 5.3 fiber; I mean, you end up full and truth be told, I loved the taste! What IS that?


120g pumpkin
100g liquid egg whites
100g pre-cooked chicken breast
shirataki noodles
extra virgin olive oil
soy sauce


1. Well, I pan fried 120g of pumpkin with 100g of liquid egg whites and 100g of pre-cooked chicken breast.

2. When it was cooked, I threw in the ‘shirataki cake’ which I had cut with a knife into ‘cubes’ (you could TRY to cut them into fat noodles too though).

3. Added that to the pumpkin et al and them drizzled the whole thing with extra virgin olive oil and soy sauce.

Macros per Serving (out of 1):

41g protein
12g carbs (5.3g fiber)
15g fat

I am aware this all sounds quite bizzare but it had this ‘asian fusion’ taste to it that was, hands down, amazing. These ‘yam cakes’ are actually quite cool! I’ve heard you can do all sorts of things with them… I love finding new food :-)