My Veggie Protein Train Cake

I like making these types of cakes for train rides, don’t know why, but tucking into a cake while commuting…something about being in the train – long journey ahead, coat folded on the side, newspaper on top, book bag and notes in order as the loudspeaker reads off station after station and people get in and out while the rare sun blazes through the window and we pass sheep, lots of cows, horses, green pastures, Bla-Bla-By-Sea, Bla-bla-East, Bla-bla-West, more Bla bla-bla-By-Sea…

Anyways so I packed a veggie chocolate protein cake. It looks funny, I know, it’s the spinach. But it’s so nice and cakey :-)


160g whites
5g cocoa powder
20g whey
200g cooked/drained spinach
30g brown rice protein
20g peanut butter (for sandwiching)

Packed the whole loaf, even though maybe eating the entire cake could be a bit much (?) but ah eh… the pleasures of train travel…..

Macros per Serving (out of 1):

70g protein
19g carbs (8g fiber)
14g fat

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