Chickpea Protein Bread with Homemade Macadamia Nut Butter

I wonder why not everyone out there is making their own nut butters… it’s so much fun to make your own! You can make it exactly how you like it, leave out the added sugars/salts/oils AND it’s cheaper!

It’s also insanely easy. Take for example macadamia nut butter. Extremely expensive to buy but, get the macs yourself, roast them, shake them, mix them, blend them, jar them and you got yourself pure homemade yumminess.

Ingredients for the bread:

103 chickpea flour
27g brown rice protein flour
pumpkin pure
some baking soda
81g of liquid egg whites


Mix together and thrown into the oven.

Macros per Serving (out of 1):

50.8g protein
64.8g carb (17.6g fiber)
6.9g fat

It turned out supper moist and tasty and can be topped with all sorts of stuff, e.g. yummy with a spinach egg white omelet, with chicken and avocado, and with but butters!

For mac butter:

100g macadamias


1. In a hot hot nonstick fry them until golder OR stick them under a grill, shaking them every now and then till they’re evenly browned.

2. When done, stick them in a food processor (I add some sea salt at this stage) and grind them up for about a minute or two (it takes a while – they go from crumbly to buttery)].

Macros per 100g:

8.6g protein
14.3g carbs (8.6g fiber)
77.1g fat (11g saturated) 

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