Banana Protein Ice Cream in a Protein & Coconut Cone

This is crazy good, really, try it. If you can eat your cone right after you make it, the warmth of the cone with the cold of the ice cream is amaaazing (but bear in mind the ice cream will melt faster though, obviously). I like really thick cones but you may want to make it thinner, if so, add less quinoa flakes and less flour. 


100g liquid egg whites
5g wheat bran
7g quinoa flakes
5g psyllium husks


1. Mix and cook it on a nonstick on high heat.

2. Once one side is cooked you flip it and roll it into a cone until it retains its shape. Then, you scoop your ice cream inside it and mmm!!

Banana protein ice cream:

1 frozen pre-sliced banana (never freeze it with the skin on and it’s better if you slice it before you freeze it)
1 tablespoon of peanut butter
1 scoop vanilla whey
a bit of cinnamon (you could also add grated coconut).


Throw it in the blender, scoop it into the cone and voila!

Macros per Serving (out of 1):

46.7g protein
38g carbos (21.8g fiber)
13.6 fat


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