Psyllium husks & Egg White Protein Crepes with Bolognese Filling

Psyllium husk powder ‘crepes’ can be eaten with basically everything: sweet stuff, savory food, sweet and savory fillings, totally unsweetened and unsavory ‘x’… anything goes. Tonight, I stuffed a crepe with BEEF. 

Ingredients for crepe:

5g psyllium husk powder
55g liquid egg whites


Whisk 5g of psyllium husk powder and 55g liquid egg whites and fry it in a pancake pan

Macros per Serving (out of 1):

42.5 kcals
5.8g protein
5.1g carbs (4.5g fiber)

To that, I added my beef ‘bolognese’ which I always make frying a LOT of chopped red onions, garlic, cumin, coriander, and cinnamon, adding extra lean mince beef, bit of sugar for the canned tomatoes that go after, salt and pepper (bring to boil, simmer), parsley, basil. When ready, I stir in some extra virgin olive oil.

For one big crepe (like in the picture) with bolognese, (using 125g of beef) it is:

35.7 protein
16.3 carbs
7.9g fiber

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