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Chocolate Quinoa Pudding (with Psyllium Husks & Whey Protein Powder)


I love cooking with quinoa flakes because it gives food, especially puddings, a great thick texture:.


25g quinoa flakes
Vanilla Rooibos tea
5g psyllium husks
8g 100% cocoa
1 scoop chocolate whey


1. I boiled 20g of quinoa flakes in Vanilla Rooibos tea (I know that sounds odd but it gives it a nice Vanilla smokey undertone).

2. In a bowl, I then combined 5g of psyllium husks, 8g of 100% cocoa, and 1 scoop of chocolate whey. When the quinoa were cooked, I simply added them to the dry mixture and mixed it until it looked like pudding.

3. Topped with cinnamon (can’t ever get enough of it).

The result? A yummy chocolaty bowl of protein goodness.

Macros per Serving (out of 1):

217 kcals
24.7g protein
20.3g carb (7.6g fiber)
4.8g fat 

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