Tiramisu Mousse (with Egg Protein & Whey Protein Powder)

Heaven on a plate, ah, wa, woo… This was meant to be the filling for my protein Tiramisu but, a combination of factors made the structure of the Tiramisu collapse (I AM going to try to make it again until it comes out not only tasting like Tiramisu but also looking like it! so that it can, at least partially, bear the name with pride) . Anyways, the filling by itself makes a lovely mousse that can be eaten solo, topped with cinnamon = mmm, mmm, mmm. It goes like this:


23g egg white powder (or 5 large egg whites)
1 scoop vanilla whey
52g mascarpone (regular fat)


1. Beat 23g of egg white powder (or, 5 large egg whites) to ‘stiff peaks.’

2. Next, beat one scoop of vanilla whey with a bit of water and 52g of mascarpone (the regular-fat kind). Once this was well blended, add it, or ‘fold it in’ rather, into the egg whites.

The end product of is a massive bowl of yummy-looking Tiramisu filling.

Macros per Serving (out of 1):

38g protein
24.9g fat

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