Goji Oat Protein Pancakes

“What is THAT” somehow always comes up whenever the tupperware is busted open and these babies start coming out. What ARE they? They’re goji berry small pancakes (I’d say ‘dollar pancakes’ but they’re not all very round….). These with almond butter ah… well, well, well! They don’t have any protein powder but I am including them here because… they have oats.


130g liquid egg whites
93g cottage cheese
36g oats
16g goji berries*


All the ingredients are just thrown into the blender and spooned one at a time onto the nonstick and tadaaa – flipped and plated (and here, topped with 20g of almond butter for the added unnggh!)

Macros per Serving (out of 1):

33.6g protein
45g carbs (4.2g fiber)
16.6g fat


*You can also add other berries too, blueberries if you want them to be purple or raspberries for a pink.