Chocolate Mousse (with Egg Protein Powder)

Today I experimented with making Protein Mousse and it turned out surprisingly good! 


27g egg powder
31g whey
5g cocoa


1. I beat powdered egg whites to soft peaks (powdered because eating raw egg whites – hmmm, not so much given the ‘fears’) (also I think I should have beat them to ‘stiff peaks’ but next time).

2. In a separate bowl, I mixed in cocoa whey protein with actual 100% cocoa and some warm water until it looked like melted chocolate and then folded that into the whites and proceeded to dish it and lick the bowl.

3. Stuck in the fridge and boom.

Macros per Serving (out of 4):

54 kcals
11.1g protein
0.9g carbs
0.7g fat