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Spinach Protein ‘Pancakes’ with Venison

Spinach ‘pancakes’ can be eaten with literally ANYTHING (anything savory, preferably). They shouldn’t be called ‘pancakes’ though. That, I find, brings to mind sweet things and makes these guys look like an abomination of sorts. A ‘bread’ they are not and a ‘crepe’ just doesn’t fit…


40g oats
75g liquid egg whites
89g cottage cheese
43g fresh spinach


Throw in the blender and cooked on a non-stick.

I really think they need a more appropriate name… Bueno, that yielded 4 ‘pancakes’. They’re good, I find, with mayo and anchovies but for some reason, that combination doesn’t appeal to a lot of people? Here they are with Venison and some low-fat hummus and (blended up) roasted eggplant+red pepper+sundried tomatoes. Eating it like a burger is not really advisable – you kind of have to use a fork or risk disaster.

Macros per Serving (out of 1):

271 kcals
24g protein
35.5g carb (3.4 fiber)

With burger and all… let’s see…
476 kcals
48.4 protein
43.4g carbs (6.1g fiber)
12.1g fat

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