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“Russischer Zupfkuchen” Protein Cheesecake by Steffen P.

I made a “Russischer Zupfkuchen”. I don’t know the english translation, it seems to be something typical german. It is kind of a chocolate crumble cake with a cheesecake inside. Perfect combination… :)

Ingredients for the chocolate:

60g of ground oats
60g of chocolate protein powder (mine is a blend of whey-, soy- and wheat protein)
20g unsweetened baking cocoa
5g baking soda
1 whole egg
1 egg white

Ingredients for the filling:

250g quark
100g yoghurt
50g vanilla whey
2 egg whites
a pinch of lemon zest


1. I “pressed” about 2/3 of the chocolate batter into a cake pan (diameter about 7.5 inch) [Picture #02], then I filled it with the “cheese” [Picture #03] and sprinkled the third part of the batter on top of it [Picture #04].

2. Baked it at 160° C for 45 minutes and let it cool over night in the refrigerator.

Macros per Serving (out of 6):

180 kcal
24g protein
10g of sugar
4g fat


I added about 20 ml of water, so the batter gets a sticky but still crumbly consistency. [Picture #01]

From Steffen from Germany

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