Protein Cheesecake by Jakob W.


15g agave syrup
4 tablespons coconut flour
3 digestive cookies
4 tablespoons almond milk
10g cream cheese
10g ricotta cheese
10g Kesella (aka Quark)
0.5 cup of whey
100g egg whites
200g yogurt


1. Blend the ingredients to the base in a bowl. I also added 3 tablespoons Peanut spread (Walden Farms) but it´s optional. Spray a medium pan with nonstick cookingspray like Pam.

2. Press it down in the pan and place it in the oven that should be around 160 C for approx 10-15 min.

3. Meanwhile the base is in the oven, blend together the other ingredients in another bowl. And yes I know it says Whey Chocolate but I used with the taste of strawberries, and I think you can mix with whatever you like :)

4. Pour down the cheesecake mix in the base and bake for about 30-35 min.

5. Add ginger snap, cinnamon and let it cool down either in room temperature for a couple of hours or in the fridge about 1-2 h.

Macros per Serving: N/A


Optional, add how much cinnamon and ginger snaps you like. In my I had two for the base and one on top.

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