11 May 2014 – Protein Pow Workshop

OKHi Everyone! I’m really excited to announce that a date – and place – for the next Protein Pow Cooking Workshop has now been set. It’ll be a half-day course with on the 11th of May of 2014 at one of London’s most exclusive cooking locations: Food at 52. The day will begin with us enjoying some delicious coffee in the lounge area before embarking on a protein cooking journey unlike any other you’ve ever experienced. A complimentary Protein Pow apron will also be provided to you on the day, to gear you up to face the kitchen like a bona fide POW superhero. Only the best of ingredients will be used and MyproteinFage Total Greek Yogurt, and WheyHey will all proudly feature. Our day will unfold as follows:

 Greetings, Introductions, and Nespresso.

13:00 Introducing the Ingredients – going over their nutritional profiles, their role in our diet, how to cook with them, and how to best experiment.

14:00 BARS: We make our own Protein Bars and Flapjacks (to later munch and/or wrap and take home).

15:00 BAKING: We make Protein Cheesecakes, Breads, Cookies, and Brownies.

16:00 PIZZA & WRAPS: We make Protein Pizzas (to enjoy fresh out of the oven!), Protein Wraps, and Protein Pancakes.

17:00 We sit to enjoy the fruits of our labor and break our (protein) bread together, like one big happy family.

1279023_627133450670903_736892712_o18:00 Generous goodie-bags are distributed and we part ways.

All participants will be given a free copy of my ebooks and invited to join a secret exclusive online group to continue their protein journey. We’ll also do competitions to win some cool prizes!

Throughout the day, we will1380144_627133747337540_1514918446_n 1378673_627137894003792_315773881_n 1891208_700939399956974_1049986245_ngo over all there is to know to become a protein cooking giant and transform versions of your own favorite foods into high-protein, sugar-free, healthy, and nutrition-packed meals and snacks. All protein powders and related ingredients will be provided on the day by Total Greek Yogurt, WheyHey Protein Ice Cream, and MyProtein.com – my go-to resources for high-protein ingredients. We’ll master the whey proteins, casein proteins, hemp proteins, pea proteins, egg white proteins, and all kinds of flours and nut butters, etc. We will also be using a lot of fresh fruits, delicious cheeses, and vegetables – to fill our cakes and top our pizzas!

What can you expect from the day? To leave well-nourished and empowered to become your own protein-cooking master. And defeat any and all challenges that the kitchen throws at you.

The workshop is limited to 20 spaces and are allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis. To get a ticket, click below:

Note 1:  You don’t need to have ANY cooking experience to participate in the workshops. All you need is a willingness to learn, a readiness to experiment, and a healthy appetite!

Note 2: Unless of an emergency, tickets are nonrefundable. So PLEASE be 100% sure you’ll be able to make the workshop when you book it.

Note 3: To see what my London Protein Pow workshops are like, check out the photos from my last one! Also click here (the page takes a bit to load but, when it does, you’ll see previous workshop galleries).

Note 4: If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me at anna@proteinpow.com. And make sure you’ve subscribed to the Protein Pow Newsletter to get more workshop notifications.