100% Whey Protein Jaffa cakes – by Pete



100g 100% Whey protein (Jaffa Cake flavour – TheProteinWorks)
75g unsalted butter
2 whole eggs
30g Stevia (allow for any stevia/sweeteners from protein powder – check packaging)
1 tsp Baking powder
75g G/F plain white flour
6 tsp milk


1. Sponge Base
2. Cream butter, stevia until light and fluffy.
3. Beat eggs in one at a time.
4. Beat in baking powder, flour, Whey and milk.
5. Lightly grease 3-4cm deep tray, then layer with cling film (it can withstand heat up to 130°C)
6. Pour in slowly the sponge mix
7. Bake in a pre heated oven of 120  for 15-20mins
8. Once cooked, carefully peel off cling film and slide sponge onto cooling rack.
9. Once cooled, use a small scone cutter (roughly same size as an original Jaffa cake) to cut out the shape.

Chocolate topping

100g Lindt 85% Dark Chocolate
6 tsp milk
25g 100% Chocolate Whey protein powder


1. Gently melt the chocolate in a bain marie (see below)
2. Mix the milk and whey together to form a smooth paste.
3. Once chocolate has melted, take off the heat and slowly add the paste.
4. Leave to cool for 5mins
5. Carefully with a tablespoon, napper the sauce/paste over the cut out sponge so it just covers the edges.
6. Once all completed, fridge for 20mins

(Bain marie – Small sauce pan with half litre of water simmering with a glass bowl which is resistant to heat of 180 degrees)