The most healthy and nutritional lasagne/ burger!

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    As a lot of recipes on here are based around baking and including protein powder, I thought it would be a challenge to create a recipe based around some favourites (which aren’t the best for you!)

    Firstly is Lasagne: To be super high in protein, with a relative amount of carbs, fairly low on fat, sugar, and salt. My thoughts would be to use whole-wheat lasagne sheets, extra lean mince… Any idea’s how to cut the content of the cheese/ sauce?

    Second would be a gourmet burger (absolutely love them!), and again for them to be high in protein and fibre but much lower in fat and carbs than standard burgers. Either beef, turkey, or chicken is good!

    Thought they might be fun to play around with and then you have a good meal as well as a snack!



    lasagne: for the cheese you can grate some tofu with a strong taste cheese like parmesan or use a low fat cheese again with some parmesan to add to taste. For the sauce, i make mine with grind tofu instead of beef so not much fat there. You can also use a marinara (no meat tomato sauce basically). If using marinara you could add pea protein or unflavor whey to up the protein content (i’d recommend using a blender to mix the sauce and protein so it doesn’t clump and blend in perfectly. Pasta will remain high in carbs but if u make your own you could do it extra thin.

    burgers: I’d try and get a good protein bun (still working on that one) and for the burger itself if you use ground turkey or a chiken breast you are pretty much set. If you prefer beef you can cut it with some tofu and egg white to cut on fat or simply use extra lean beef. Add your preferred spices in your meat and your done.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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