So… do you guys even lift?

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    As the recipes on the Protein Pow site obviously attract a certain type of person… you know… the kind of person who wants to have their cake and eat it too, literally. The kind of person who is dedicated to fitness but is also a foodie at heart; the kind of person who loves the idea of dedicating themselves to a lifestyle of training hard and being healthy, but doesn’t like the idea of dedicating themselves to a lifestyle of eating cardboard on their “healthy” diet. The lean, svelte person who has an “inner fat kid” who wants nothing more than a gooey chocolate chip cookie.

    What are your goals (are they strength, sports performance, physique goals)?

    What is YOUR fitness regimen? How many times a week, examples of your workouts?

    (And bonus: how do you fit Protein Powder recipes into your diet to help you reach your fitness goals?)



    Hey Lil, nice to see some people are finally posting in the forum. I’ve been lifting for almot a year now. Well the first six months were mostly lifting without any knowledge in terms of diet or workout routine. I started off with weight loss goals in mind, so began the endless cardio workouts 24/7. Then I started gaining knowledge through the Internet and i beleive am going in the right direction. I workout 4 times/week (strength training) and 2-3 cardio sessions of 200 cals/week.I haven’t made a lot of recipes from this website I will be honest as I lack the appropriatte cooking skill as well as most ingredients (greek yogurt, pea protein etc.) is not available in my country. But I try to make alternating versions of anna’s recipes.



    1) I’ve been lifting for years but I’ve only been lifting heavy for about a year and a half; powerlfiting and strongman stuff.

    2)My goals are a mix of strength and aesthetics. Strength first.

    3)I train powerlifting 3x a week, strongman 1x a week and generally cycle as my main form of commuting.

    4) Protein powder recipes help me have my cake and eat it too :-) I have dessert everyday and still get my daily macros in protein!!

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