Protein Muffins

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    Hi Anna
    I know you have a lot of muffins recipes, but I can never get enough!

    Muffins are my breakfast of choice but I need my breakfast to be substantial enough to take medication with. At present I eat two muffins Wholemeal banana muffins and still occasionally feel queasy, so I’m looking for something more. I love muffins that taste like muffins, and my attempts at incorporating protein powder have resulted in rubbery and inedible messes.

    My ideal muffin won’t have too many eggs (my body doesn’t agree with too many egg whites, but I can tolerate a few), will have either vanilla whey or banana pea protein powders and won’t have icing so they’re easy to freeze and reheat on the go. I’m looking for something that’s a breakfast as opposed to a pre/post workout snack, but I wouldn’t be adverse to the magical muffin doing both.

    Thank you so much for this amazing site!

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