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    Hi there!

    The question is primary addressed to Anna, since, as far, as I understood, you are a member of Propane Fitness gym, but I am curious about other feedback as well!!!

    Do you follow the Propane nutrition protocol? As in here:

    Do you have pos/neg/none results?



    Anna Sward

    Lena, hey! I have been awful at keeping up with the forum so I just saw the Q. Do you still want me to go into it? Let me know and happy to share my experience :-)



    Hi Anna,

    no problems!

    Yes, I would like to know your thoughts =)

    If I dare to add the follow up to the question: what do you think about the fasting protocols? Leangains and so on?



    Anna Sward

    Hi Lena,

    I love the guys at Propane, they’re very knowledgable and, what I like most is that they’re always happy to admit when they don’t know something, back their advice with research-derived evidence, and work with you to create a personally-tailored program, as opposed to a cookie-cutter-one-size-fits-all program (few trainers and online nutritionists do this! And to me that’s always a red flag). I was working with Ben Tormey (who has now moved on from PF and is now at only for my training though. That’s just because I feel that I have a pretty good handle on my diet, so I wasn’t after a dietary program; only a training one.

    Re leangains, I tried it last year for a few months actually! The biggest pro for me was not having to worry about making breakfast – this just made me work straight through the morning without any interruptions. Since I was drinking coffee, I felt really alert and just ready to tackle the world!

    But after a while I realized it wasn’t the way to go. I started doing some research and found that fasting is not great for women because of its impact on hormone balance and that it’s REALLY not great when one is under stress because, then, cortisol levels are already high and then you’re adding an extra stressor to your body and that’s not a great way to go. It’s like adding fuel to the fire, in a bad way. Another thing that I didn’t like about it is that I found it restrictive and unsustainable. Don’t get me wrong, I know people who have been doing it for YEARS but they do it because it comes naturally to them (e.g. they’re never hungry in the morning and they’ve been doing it for years, before it even became a ‘thing’). I, on the other hand, wake up hungry – REALLY hungry. And I found out that I DO actually perform better at the gym with some food in my system. So for me it was a no-brainer. I stopped doing it.

    At the end of the day, I think that whatever approach one chooses should be catered to one’s lifestyle and be empowering, not DISempowering. We should choose an approach that allows us to FEEL better and PERFORM better, not to feel miserable, antisocial, and stop listening to our bodies while counting after how many hours specifically you can finally eat next. I think that following extreme programs that go against what your body is telling you, is really not the way to go. The point is to be mindful and learn to work WITH your body, not against it. We’re complex and powerful machines! And once you learn how nutrition impacts your body’s inner and outer workings, your focus shifts away from strict protocols and more towards becoming for mindful of the things that make you feel (and in the process LOOK) your best. It all boils down to not rules or protocols, but education :-)

    What do you think?

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