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    Hey there folks. Just thought I’d say hi by way of a short introduction.

    I recently came across this site and having purchased the book I’m also booked in for the March workshop in Brighton. Thinking I might be making the new sweet potato pie recipe I saw today as my first one… just looks so yummy and I’ve got a workout planned for tomorrow morning that it would be perfect afterwards!

    I recently changed my diet to one suited for lifting and general diet management and health. The lifting is for both aesthetics and strength training as I’m a very keen sailor (skiff and yachts) and generally like to look good – or like the idea of looking good, not quite there yet! The diet is the not-unusual high protein and low carbs (at least on rest days… on training days I get lots more carbs in my allowance). Hence why this site is just what I need – especially as I love cooking. :-)

    Other than that, early thirties workaholic and fidget with a particular fondness for good wine.



    Hey Hanna,
    I am a twenty five year old accountant who loves pancakes. I came across this site over a year ago through instagram, one of the best things for my fitness regimen. I changed my lifestyle back then to get fit and I started lifting weights. I lift for aesthetics and strength, also to be a healthy individual. I love cooking but lack the skills so working on my Gordon Ramsey time atm ;)


    Anna Sward

    Oh I love you guys! I hadn’t checked the forum in a while so I hadn’t seen this! I’ll be on the forum now though, I actually think it’s a lot better than FB for communicating (as one’s don’t get completely buried over time). Hanna, I love your post. And also love your enthusiasm and excitement for this kind of cooking! It was a blast cooking with you at the workshop. And Zubair! So happy to hear that you found me through IG. I always think of my IG as a bit of a funny space (in the sense of it being pretty random!) so I’m glad you found it :-) Hats off for the accounting too, fuf… that’s one area of study that I’m absolutely horrendous at, hehe.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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