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    Heyyy! So I’m from the UK so its allll grams over here and its got me rather discombobulated! Haha!
    I just attempted to make ‘The Best Protein Brownies in the World’ that I got off the Protein Pow app.
    And well they were definitely not the best! The batter was more like a dough and could pick up with my hands.. (I know, what on earth did i do?!). To my knowledge I used the right conversions i found on an external website.. 1/2 cup dry measure = 113.4g and 1/4 cup=56.7g then 1/2 cup egg whites= 125ml.

    I cant find the recipe on this website.. Only the app and no illustrations are given to see wbat its meant to look like so im unsure where i went wrong?!

    Any suggestions would be soooo helpful! Just spent £40 on choc sunwarrior blend and dont want it to go to waste.

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