Does protein powder go off?

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    Something I’ve often wondered, and never been able to get to the bottom of is… Does protein powder actually go off? Does it have a a ‘use by’ recommendation as such?

    I did once ask the company I get mine from, but the chap I spoke to was delightfully vague!

    The reason I’m asking right now – I’m setting up for a load of cooking over the coming days/weeks (so many great recipes, Anna!) and have some powder which has been kicking about for a while. I’m sure it’s probably fine, but I am still intrigued.

    Thoughts, ideas, suggestion welcome. Thanks!



    Smell it, then taste it. If it tastes/smells normal, it probably is. With “nonperishable” food, I sorta trust my instincts on it, though for something expensive, unless it’s “off” enough to bother me quite a bit sometimes I just try to use it and mask it with something else. I imagine some proteins are more perishable than others.



    Protein powders don’t go bad per say, but the effective content of protein you absorb will decrease overtime. For example if your 30g protein is past is best before date, you may get only 25g of effective protein (the numbers are only an example, I have no idea at wich rates it decreases). I’ve used 3 years old protein without issues (didn’t like the flavor, but didn’t want to throw it out thats why it lasted so long).


    Anna Sward

    That’s a great question and one that I remember doing a lot of searches for back when I started buying protein powders! The answer is yes, they go off. BUT they usually go off a lot later than the date on the label. That’s what everyone in the industry has told me when I’ve asked them.

    That being said, I try to stick to the dates instead of totally wing it, mostly because I don’t actually know when exactly they’ll be going off. Does that make sense? They’re a food after all and no food lasts forever!

    Another thing to bear in mind is how you’re keeping them. If you live in a really humid environment then your powders are bound to take a hit. They should always be kept in a cool ideally dark place (like a cupboard) and sealed properly. If a powder ever smells bad to you too, don’t even bother looking at the label: bin it.

    Hope that helps?

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