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    Hi All
    im wondering if you can give me some advice ive been looking to add a frosting to my cupcakes and have seen the recipes and videos with casein frosting,im confused though as i have seen a product called micellar casein and im wondering if it is the same thing as the one (Gold Standard Casein) Anna uses in her video?
    Many Thanks


    Anna Sward

    Heya. So, you can usually find micellar casein and casein caseinate being sold. I always go for micellar casein. It’s what ON’s is primarily comprised of and, in my opinion, it’s a LOT tastier than casein caseinate! It has a nicer texture and consistency too.

    Found this on a bb thread too (

    *Caseinate (as either calcium caseinate, sodium caseinate or potassium caseinate)
    Caseinate contains greater than 90% protein and is the most soluble form of casein–allowing it to mix easily in fluid, making it a top choice by manufacturers of protein powders. It is formed by the reaction of casein with an alkaline substance such as calcium, sodium or potassium. This raises the mineral content of the product. If you’re trying to avoid sodium (such as during a shredding phase), read labels carefully and consider avoiding products with high amounts of sodium caseinate. Alternatively, if you want to boost your calcium intake, products that are high in calcium caseinate will give you extra.

    * Micellar casein (MC)
    MC is made by separating the casein portion of milk from the lactose, fat and whey by microfiltration. This form of casein is not denatured (meaning the protein isn’t altered), unlike the other forms, which are often treated with heat or acid. As the name implies, MC can still form micelles upon rehydration with fluid, which makes it much slower digesting than the other casein proteins. The protein drink you take before bed should contain a good deal of MC, to prevent your body from going catabolic during your nighttime fast.

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