The Great Protein Pow Ambassador Search


Welcome to The Great Protein Pow Ambassador Search! It’s a (global) search designed to find a select group of fun-loving individuals that are passionate about healthy eating, innovative cooking, and want to spread the message of Protein Pow to the masses!

How do I apply? Two Steps

Firstly, tag a photo of a food made using our new mixes on Instagram – with the mixes in the background – using hashtag: #proteinPOWmix as well as #PowFam15. Here‘s a good example. Here too. Please note: You HAVE to use our mixes, not just any protein powder! If you tag us using a regular protein powder your entry won’t qualify 😞 Why do you have to use ur mixes? Because they mixes is what we’re going to be partying with! So please don’t forget this step please as it’s the only way for us to be able to see your Pow food 😃

Secondly, email us at with the subject ‘Ambassadors’ and let us know why you’d like to represent Pow. Tell us about yourself, what you do, where you live, your social media accounts and/or website, the kind of food you love, your experience with protein powder cooking, and why you think you should join our family!

That’s it.

What do you get if you’re selected?

First and foremost, you’ll get your own illustrated cartoon to go up on our Pow family wall and posters! You can do whatever you want with it too (e.g. feel free to grab it and use it on your own site and/or profile).

You get to be a taste-tester! That means you can test new products straight from the Protein Pow kitchen before we release them to the public!

You get to attend events representing Protein Pow – and be paid for it!

You get to join us at our super-exciting Protein Pow family summer parties where, together with all Protein Pow ambassadors, we have our own Pow cooking workshop! We’ll pay for your travel to the venue too and feed you like you’ve never been fed before.

Your recipes will be showcased on the Protein Pow website and social media and linked back to you! So your own website/social media accounts get traffic straight from Pow.

Did we mention our Protein Pow parties?

You get your own exclusive discount code to share with your family, friends, and/or followers. You will receive a % of the sales amount generated by your code too! That way we all get to spread the love.

You will receive a FREE bag of our Protein Pow mixes every month to have a play with and enjoy!

Lastly (but not leastly, of course) you’ll get a Protein Pow t-shirt and/or apron! As well as other exclusive gear that we’re cooking up as we write this.

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