Pecan Nut & Date Protein Bars

To make these bars, all you need are FOUR INGREDIENTS:

Our mix (here I used the whey one but the vegan one would work nicely too), pecan nut butter (of, if you can’t get it, almond or peanut butter), date syrup and milk (any milk – I used almond here).

IMG_9465To make the bars, there are only two steps! Check this out:


1/2 cup (60g) Protein Pow mix (whey)
5 tbsp (60g) pecan nut butter (this one, if you’re in the US)
1/4 cup (30g) date syrup (this one in the US)
2 tbsp of milk


1) Mix everything together until you get a dough
2) Shape the dough into bars


Protein Bar PERFECTION!!! And it seriously takes less than five minutes. This is the recipe, by the way, that’s printed on the back of the whey mix. So just use your bag as a guide. Only difference is that these bars use pecan instead of almond/peanut butter and date syrup instead of honey/agave but the amounts are the exact same:

The bars are cookie-doughy and they taste like whooooa. And the best part? They feature nothing but all-natural ingredients! No soy. No sweeteners. No artificial flavors, sweeteners, hydrogenated oils, corn syrups, wack shelflife-extending preservatives.

All you get in each bar is our mix (comprised of whey protein, coconut flour, gluten-free oats, and organic vanilla beans) + the nut butter + dates + milk.



If you want to use the mix to make lower-carb protein bars, e.g. without agave or honey, you absolutely can. Just use some natural sweetener drops or your granulated sweetener of choice. I’ve actually made some delicious Protein Pow Bars using stevia drops! I’ll upload a bunch of those recipes here at Pow too.

If you want to sub the mix with a protein powder (e.g. a basic whey protein), I’m sorry to say that you won’t end up with these bars. You’ll end up with a splodge… that’s because the mix is a combo of raw gluten-free flour (defatted coconut and gluten-free oat flours). If you wanted to just use a regular whey, I’d say to make one of my mix-less protein bar recipes (start here). You’ll need more ingredients but it’s the only way you’ll end up with similar bars!

Meal Prepping Tip:

What some people have already started doing with the mixes is this: they get a bag of our mixes, put a few minutes minutes aside on a Sunday, and meal-prep 30 protein bars out of the bag! They then freeze all the bars and defrost a bar every day to enjoy for 30 days! The ‘cleanest,’ most natural, and healthiest protein bars on earth. Absolutely no junk and no question about it. Try for yourself and you’ll see :-)

DIY Protein Bars

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