Almond & Dark Chocolate Protein Bars (Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free)

Natural Protein Bars

Have you tried our Protein Pow cooking mixes yet? They’re on sale at the moment! And they’re crazy. Seriously like MAGIC! You don’t have to have ANY cooking experience to use them. In fact, you don’t have to COOK with them! You can use the mixes raw to create some properly dreamy protein foods. For example:

Protein Pow Protein BarsWith only two or three ingredients added to the mix, BOOM! You end up with the world’s best protein bars! It’s really simple, quick, and the bars you end up with will always be 100% better than anything you find in store. Better how?

Better nutritionally because they won’t contain any artificial ingredients, low quality proteins (like soy), or refined sugars and refined/hydrogenated fats. The bars you make at home will also be devoid of the kind of ingredients most ready-made protein companies add to their bars to make them last on shelf 12-18 months. These babies are FRESH, every time. You can tweak them to match your flavor preferences, macros, and in under two minutes, POW! You’re done: gluten-free, soy-free, artificial flavor and sweetener-free, nutrition packed bars that taste like CANDY. What’s not to love, ey?

I’ve uploaded a number of protein bar recipes using our Protein Pow mixes here and here so you can get a better idea of the kind of bars you’ll end up with with our Pow mixes. The mixes itself feature an awesome recipe on the back of pack to! So off the bat you’ll be fully armed with everything you need to make Pow bars at home. Note: both the whey mix and vegan pea mix are now on offer at our Pow shop so grab a bag!
IMG_0439Let’s talk about these Almond & Dark Chocolate Protein Bars now though. I made them using stevia drops instead of any syrups to show you how, if you want, you can make sugar-free protein bars too – bars that taste like Heaven on Earth.

To make these bars, all you do is mix 4 ingredients together, press them all into a dough using your hands, and shape that dough into two rectangles – or bars. This will be IMG_0424the filling to your bars. Note: YOU DO NOT NEED TO BAKE THEM. If you then want to coat them in chocolate, dip them in some melted dark chocolate. You obviously don’t have to though. You can eat them naked too (the bars I mean, not you, although… if you dig the latter, who am I to stop ya? hehe). DIY Protein Bar RecipeHere’s the recipe:

Protein Bar Filling

1/4 cup (28g) whey Protein Pow mix (note: if you want your bars vegan, just use my vegan Pea mix!)
2 tbsp (32g) almond butter
1 tbsp (16m) almond milk
Natural Protein Bars5 drops of stevia (I used this stuff; it’s available here in the US)


2 little bars (27g in total) of Oh So Good For You Dark Chocolate
Pinch of chopped pistachio nuts (for the pretties)

DIY Protein Bars


Step 1: First, make your protein bar filling by mixing all the filling ingredients together until you get a dough, dividing this dough into two, and shaping two small bars out of it.
Step 2: Melt your dark chocolate in a bain marie (a glass bowl on top of a pot of boiling wahta) and cover the bars with it using a spoon.
Step 3: Place the bars on a silicone tray or a plate lined with alumuminium foil and leave them in the fridge for a couple of hours or the freezer for 30 mins so the chocolate sets. That’s it: DONE.

Macros per bar (out of the two small ones you get from the ingredients above), naked: 155kcals, 9.2g carbs (out of which 4.3g is fiber!!!!!), 8.6g carbs, 9g fat.

Macros per bar (out of the two small ones you get from the ingredients above), coated with 85% melted chocolate228kcals, 11.7g fat (out of which 4.3g is fiber!), 10.1g protein, 16g fat (mostly from the nut butter and choc).

PS: If you like these bars, check out these Double Chocolate Chunk ones I made with the mix too! They’re the ones pictured below. Here’s that recipe. Oh and once you get your hands on my whey Protein Pow mix, MAKE THE PANCAKES TOO!!!!!!!!! They’re hnnnnnggggh: delicious :-)

DIY Protein Bars Gluten Free






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