White Chocolate & Cranberry Protein Pow Bars

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These bars were made for sharing. You can wrap them in pretty paper (or heck, in aluminium foil) to give as a gift to friends and/or family too – they’ll LOVE you for it.

White Chocolate & Cranberry Protein Bars 1

These bars were also designed for those days when you’re at home with your family ones and want to have a some fun in the kitchen together! They are fun to make, fool-proof, ridiculously easy, and above all: DELICIOUS.

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These bars are the perfect answer to your desire to have something sweet, festive, yet healthy this holiday season too. Because they’re nutritious, all-natural (in the sense that they’re devoid of all artificial sweeteners, artificial flavorings, soy, bulk ingredients, and wack fibers), gluten-free, and perfect alongside a cup of coffee before a big workout!

White Chocolate & Cranberry Protein Pow Bars

Have I mentioned that they’re also DELICIOUS too? I mean, fuf… they look nice in the photos but trust me when I say they taste a million times better. Like a cross between cookie dough and blondies! Like a marriage between nommage and… bliss :-) They’re the kind of bar you write home about.


Below you’ll find the recipe. I’ve jotted down a few variations in the ‘Notes’ part at the bottom of this post too. Go ahead and print the recipe and stick it on your fridge as a reminder (there is a ‘print’ button on the upper right hand side of this post, when viewed on a laptop of desktop). You’ll flip out when you bite into these bars; they’re absolutely spectacular!

White Chocolate & Cranberry Protein Bars 4


*Please see my conversion sheet to turn grams to cups*

65g whey Protein Pow mix (see Note 1 for more on this)
55g cashew nut butter (see Note 2)
25g agave syrup
15ml almond milk
20g cranberries
15g white chocolate (see Note 3 for lower-sugar alternatives)

White Chocolate & Cranberry Protein Bars


As with ALL Protein Pow bars (ie bars made with our mixes), the directions are simple:

1. Mix all ingredients together until you form a delicious cookie dough (taste it to ensure it’s sweet enough! Feel free to add cinnamon to it too – or allspice!) See the image below for what your protein bar dough will look like.

2. Shape your dough into bars (cutting the edges off if you’d like to end up with perfect rectangles).

That’s IT.




0. If you fear that you won’t be able to control yourself around these bars, e.g. if you think that you’ll end up eating them all if you make them (side note: I wouldn’t blame you for it; they’re THAT good), just freeze them! And desfrost a bar whenever you want to eat one.

1. If you can’t get your hands on our new whey Protein Pow mix and are wondering what you can substitute it with. The answer is nothing. There’s nothing like my Pow mix out there! That’s why I created it! You COULD use casein protein powder as a substitute for the mix, it should more or less work. But you won’t get the same bars and you definitely won’t end up with bars that are all natural and devoid of junk (because most caseins out there are full of artificial sweeteners, flavorings, and fillers!) Honestly, I’m not saying this because I created the mix. I’m saying it as a passionate foodie with a love-verging-on-obsession for nutrition who created the mix because I could find nothing remotely similar in the market. Try it and you’ll see what I mean. It’s the holy grail of protein bar making! And you can get it from our Pow shop here if you’re in the UK, USA, or Australia. And from here if you’re in Sweden! If you’re writing to Santa, please remind him (or her?) to put his (or he?r) order soon by the way, because we’re approaching Christmas and we want you to get it on time 🎅

Side note: If you already have the mix, remember to bookmark this page here! It’s where all my whey mix recipes live.


2. Feel free to sub cashew nut butter for almond butter if you have no cashew available or if, for whatever reason, you and cashews don’t mesh well. You can also use peanut butter or, if you’re allergic to nuts, go with sunflower seed butter.

3. To lower the carb-count of your bars, consider subbing the white chocolate for sugar-free white chocolate. Or dark chocolate. Or, you could take the chocolate out completely and add some ground nuts instead!

PS: Those black specs you see when you zoom into the bars? That’s from the organic Madagascan vanilla in our whey mix!

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