Han Solo Protein Pow Brownie Bars (Vegan)

Han Solo Protein Bars Dark Chocolate 1 copy

I am pretty sure this recipe idea came to me subliminally, I’m almost certain of that.

Han Solo Protein Pow Bars Gluten Free

You see, a couple of weeks ago we are doing a tasting at the Tesco Extra in Watford and all one could hear through the loudspeaker was Star Wars’ Imperial March. On repeat. Over and over and over again.

Han Solo Protein Bars Gluten Free

We were handing out Protein Pow bars (the ones pictured in this post here) and, I don’t know about Daniel and Wendy but I was feeling rather ominous standing there chatting to people against the tumtumtumtumturuuumtumturuuum. It lent to the epicness of the bars, for sure! And they were really dark chocolatey too so in came a bunch of Dark Side chat as well. It was a good, if random, conversation piece, hehe.

Staff too were dressed in Star Wars clothes and there was a kids’ table doing Star Wars activities (drawings and what not). It was a proper let’s-bombard-all-the-senses-of-our customers-(and their children)-with-this-ad-campaign kind of thing.

I thought I’d be untouched by it to be honest because I tend to be pretty cynical of that kind of advertising but… here I am now, writing recipe post for a bunch of protein bars encased in ‘chocolate carbonite’, with an imprint of Solo for good measure.

They got to me, man… they got to me.

Protein Pow Protein Bars Homemade Protein Bars Protein Brownie Bar RecipesHan Solo Protein Bars Dark Chocolate Gluten Free


64g almond butter
16.5g cocoa powder
58.5g Pea Protein Pow Cooking Mix
49g agave syrup
21.5ml almond milk

Protein Pow Protein Bars Homemade Protein Bars Protein Brownie Bar Recipes

Directions (makes 5-6 bars)

1. Mix all ingredients together until you get a delicious chocolatey dough that you’ll want to eat all of

2. Press this dough onto a tray!

3. Cut into bars.

4. Set in the fridge for a couple of hours.

5. BOOM! Done for the bars! Now for Han…

Protein Brownie Bar Han Solo

1. To make the Han Solo bars, just cut a bar to the shape of your Solo mold (I got this one which yes, is an ice tray but it works for chocolate too!) Pour melted dark chocolate onto the mold, then the bar, then more dark chocolate.

2. Set in the freezer for 30 minutes.

Protein Brownie Bar Han Solo


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