Banana & Sweet Potato Protein Pow Pancakes (Gluten-Free)



These pancakes are pure and utter perfection. Seriously. Moist. Fluffy. Soft. Fwaaaa…But let me start this post off by moving in a different direction. Let me tell you about what happened when I started cooking with protein powder and making protein pancakes:

It was a good ten years ago now, when I was a student and all I had in my cupboard (besides cans of tomato, tuna, and condiments) was whey protein powder. I knew that whey was great for making pancakes so I went ahead and made a bunch of stacks. Pancake stacks that, more often than not, had the texture of… cardboard, shoe soles. You know, dry, hard, and far away from regular pancakes that they might as well be called something else? Something like, I don’t know, Protein Panboards?


I made a lot of those by first substituting the flour in regular pancakes with whey protein powder and then by using whey and flour in the batter. It took me a few years and probably hundreds if not thousands of subpar protein pancakes to realize that the secret behind a great stack of protein pancakes is using what I like to call a ‘moisturizer.’ Something like bananas, pumpkin puree, cooked sweet potatoes or a combo of those things. Those ingredients get rid of whey’s natural propensity to dry up pancake (and pretty much ALL other bakes protein foods!) batters.

By the time my first cookbook was published and then my second, I’d found a method to make whey protein pancakes soft and fluffy, like ACTUAL pancakes. The pancake pack in the Protein Pow app and the all the pancake recipes in this website attests to that.

But I kept getting emails from people whose pancakes were still a bit so so. I kept getting emails from people asking me things like, “which protein powder do I use? which brand?’ and from people wanting to know what they can substitute coconut flour or the gluten-free flours I use with because they couldn’t get them or they couldn’t get the same ones I used.

That’s actually a big reason behind why I created the whey Pow mix – because it has EVERYTHING you need to end up with PERFECT protein pancakes (and more crazy protein foods) every single time. All you need to add to the mix to make pancakes is: 1. whole eggs (or egg whites) and 2. either banana, sweet potato, or a combo of the two. That’s it. So you don’t need to worry about which protein powder to use and you don’t need to worry about adding any ‘flour’ at all. Another plus about the mix is that it’s junk free (i.e. filler and soy free) and devoid of ALL artificial flavors and sweetener. So the delicious flavors you get are from actual food; no weird artificial aftertastes at all. If for whatever reason you can’t get my whey Pow mix, what I suggest is that you turn to the pancake recipes in the app, book, and here on the site instead. You’ll end up with yummy protein pancakes. Sure, they’ll have more ingredients than the ones using the mix and they be 100% the same as the ones I am eating here but they’ll work. Until you get your hands on the mix and say hello to a brand new world of foolproof pancake perfection ;-)


1/3 cup (30g) whey Protein Pow mix 
1 small pre-baked-till-soft sweet potato* and 1 small banana
1/4 cup (132ml)  liquid egg whites


1. Blend everything together.
2. Fry up on a HOT (properly) nonstick pan with some low-cal spray on it or coconut oil.
3. Turn the heat down to medium and flip when bubbles start to appear on the pancakes’ surface.
4. Serve plain (they’re moist enough!) or top with your syrup or topping of choice!

Macros for all the pancakes: 269kcals, 29g protein, 39g (out of which 8g is fiber so net carbs: 31g), 2.1g fat!

*Every Sunday, I preheat my oven to 220 C (around 430 F), line a cookie tray with foil, and stick 8-10 (washed) sweet potatoes on it. I cook them for as long as it takes for my kitchen to smell like heaven! Which is usually when they’re soft enough for a fork to go through them. I then take them out and let the cool before undressing them all and sticking them in a tupperware. They last me a good week! I use them to make protein pancakes, cakes, and eat them topped with almond butter! Absolutely delicious and fantastic for advance meal prepping.

PS: Click here to see the plain sweet potato version of these pancakes and here to see the banana version! Oh here’s a crazy version with dark chocolate too! And here are more recipes for things you can make with our Protein POWPOWPOW! whey mix ;-)



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