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A couple of days ago, Super Charlie suggested that I videotape the recipes that I created for the back of our Pow mixes to make them even easier for you guys to follow and to showcase the fact that our mixes aren’t just protein powders. Our mixes are not designed to make shakes, you know? They’re designed for making the best protein bars you’ve ever tasted! With the best nutritional profile, flavor, and texture. They’re designed for making fluffy and gorgeous (gluten-free!) protein pancakes, cakes, cookies, truffles… the WORKS. Proper healthy versions to satisfy your sweet teeth :-)

All the recipes that I’ve come up with for our Pow Mixes are really simple and involve a very small amount of steps. I formulated the mixes this way to make it as easy and as simple as possible for you guys to make your own delicious protein foods.

Take for example the recipe in the back of the Whey Mix (this one, printed on the back of our packaging).

Protein Pow Mix PackagingIt’s a recipe for almond (or peanut butter) protein bars that features only four ingredients, one of which is water: the mix, your nut butter of choice, honey or agave, and water. C’est tout. To make the bars, all you do is:

1) Mix everything together until you get a dough
2) Shape the dough into bars

And… PRESTO! You get gorgeously cakey and cookie-doughy protein bars featuring nothing but all-natural ingredients. No soy. No sweeteners. No artificial flavors, sweeteners, hydrogenated oils, corn syrups, wack shelflife-extending preservatives.

Only the absolute best ingredients: coconut flour, gluten-free oats, grass-fed whey protein, organic Madagascan vanilla, nut butter, and agave. THAT. IS. IT. Find me a bar with better ingredients, you know? And macros! Per bar: 171kcals, 8.5g protein, 15g carbs (out of which 4.2g is fiber! So net carbs: 10.8g) and 9g fat (from the nut butters).

Please note:

If you want to use the mix to make lower-carb protein bars, e.g. without agave or honey, you absolutely can. Just use some natural sweetener drops or your granulated sweetener of choice. I’ve actually made some delicious Protein Pow Bars using stevia drops! I’ll upload a bunch of those recipes here at Pow too.

You can also coat your bars in melted dark chocolate. I’ll post a recipe video next of bars coated in dark chocolate so you can see how easy that is to do as well. Here’s a sneak peak.

Meal Prepping Tip:

What some people have already started doing with the mixes is this: they get a bag of our mixes, put a few minutes minutes aside on a Sunday, and meal-prep 30 protein bars out of the bag! They then freeze all the bars and defrost a bar every day to enjoy for 30 days! The ‘cleanest,’ most natural, and healthiest protein bars on earth. Absolutely no junk and no question about it. Try for yourself and you’ll see :-)

To illustrate the simplicity, here’s a video of the recipe from the back of our Whey Protein Pow Mix pack:

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