Vegan Protein Brownies (Gluten-Free)


I love protein brownies, absolutely LOVE them. I’ve posted a lot of protein brownie recipes here at and have even dedicated an entire chapter in the Pow cookbook, as well as a section of the Pow app, to brownies.

What can I say? I’m a massive fan.

IMG_9657That’s why, when Charlie and I were heading to SFN last August and she pulled out a tupperware of vegan protein brownies made with my Protein Pow mix, I pretty much devoured them. To the right here is a pic I took with my iPhone at the airport. I adore Charlie’s brownies not just because they are vegan, gluten-free, and made with our Protein Pow vegan mix, but because they are DELICIOUS. The kind that you eat one of while excitedly looking at the rest.

Make them and you’ll know what I mean. They taste like regular brownies! But they’re actually good for you – PACKED with fiber. And vitamins, minerals, protein and antioxidants and oh, guys. I cannot WAIT for you to try them! They contain a very exciting ingredient that I’d like for you to pay extra attention to: BEAN FLUFF. Yeah. BEAN. FLUFF. Read the notes at the bottom of the post to learn exactly what this is and how to make it because it’ll revolutionise you’re brownie world!

Check out, by the way, Charlie’s original batch of brownies! These were the brownies that she made right after she got her hands on my new Protein Pow vegan mix (I gave her a batch before they  launched to see what she thought and she loved it!) That was the day, 11 weeks ago now, when this recipe was born. The brownies have been made dozens of times since! And they keep on getting better and better and better!



(please see our conversion sheet to convert them to grams)

1 can of kidney beans + the can’s water for bean fluff (see below)
1/4 cup coconut sugar (this if you’re in the UK and this if you’re in the US)
1/4 cup agave syrup
3/4 cup Protein Pow vegan cooking mix
1/3 cup cocoa
1/3 cup coconut oil
1tsp baking powder
Sea Salt
1/3 cup dark choc chips (optional but lovely)
1/3 cup chopped pecans (optional but, again, lovely!)


1. Drain beans (but keep water from bean can!!!!)
2. Whisk bean water with coconut sugar until it is pale, fluffy. It’s going to take a while so it’s best if you do this in a standing blender that you can just leave there electrically whisking (see below).
3. Blend other ingredients (except chips, pecans & bean fluff)
4. Stir in bean fluff to thin batter – keep adding till all combined.
5. Stir in chips & nuts
6. Bake 160-ish (around 320 F) for about 45mins – till they are gooey & yummy!

PS: Here’s an additional tip by Charlie: “they taste EVEN better if they are microwaved for 30secs with a little melted dark chocolate on top – like… amazing! Just so perfect & warm & gooey & sticky & CHOCOLATEY!!! 😋😋😋”

Protein Pow Brownies

Protein Pow Bean Fluff Note

The first time I heard about bean fluff, I was pretty grossed out. I imagine you are too if you’ve never had it! But the stuff is madness! Seriously. And all it is is the water from a can of beans + coconut sugar. That’s it. It goes from a murky watery thing to a light almost soft-peaked egg whites texture!

Charlie made it at our last London workshop actually and we were all staring and staring and staring while she whisked for over 5 minutes and the liquid went from “ughh…..” to “WHOA!” Here she is whisking it (this must be a good 3 minutes into the whisk, before it gained its proper fluffy texture). Here then is Cleo mixing the bean fluff into our brownie batter! See how fluffy the bean fluff got? These were the brownies we ended up with! Ludicrously moist and delicious.

Bean fluff is a GREAT alternative to egg whites in vegan (or just egg-free) recipes. I’ll make a whole post about it soon – and video it – so you can see the whole thing in action! It’s wild… WILD, I TELL YA! Look at the brownies we made at our last workshop with just bean fluff. They were also made with beans and are 100%vegan:


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