Peanut Butter & Chocolate Protein Pow Brownie Bars

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I made these bars for two awesome guys (and well, for myself too because I ate probably more than 1/3 of the batch, shhhh): Daniel, a bona fide wizard here at Pow, and Ant, head of Protein Pick and Mix – one of the coolest new online retailers in the UK. These bars are a tribute to healthy indulgence and chocolate. And protein. And peanut butter! And they feature just four ingredients, bound together with a bit of freshly-brewed espresso (because who can say no to dark chocolate and coffee, right?) Here goes:


20g Whey Protein Pow Cooking Mix
10g agave syrup
16g peanut butter
Tiny bit of coffee, just to bind the mix together


1. Mix all ingredients in a bowl using your hands.
2. Bind into a dough.
3. Shape into rectangles – or bars.
4. Done!

Note: Duplicate or triplicate the recipe to make more! I always do that and just keep the bars in the fridge or, when I make a GIANT batch, I freeze them and just defrost on the day I plan on eating them!

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