Goji & Sea Salt Protein Truffles

Goji & Sea Salt Protein Truffles

Allow me to interrupt our stream of Protein Pow launch teasers – of ‘clues’ (here’s the first and here’s the second) to share with you a delicious recipe that I recently created for Linwoods. Linwoods (available on amazon.com if you’re in the US and on their site if you’re in the UK) create some of the nicest healthy food snack, breakfast, and salad toppers – they do milled flaxseeds, goji berries, milled pumpkin and sunflower seeds, nut and seed mixes, and this awesome mix of  apples, flax and chia seeds that is absolutely phenomenal sprinkled on top of Apple Protein Fluff! Right now though, let me tell you a bit about these truffles:

IMG_0023 2 copy

How to describe them… they’re… like a combination of smooth and velvety dark chocolate mousse combined with goji berries. They’re encased by a thin shell of dark chocolate that cracks oh-so-lightly when you bite into it, bringing to the party a subtle crunch from the sea salt and berries which, together, creates a symphony of nommmmms unlike any you’ve ever before experienced.

IMG_0123 2 copySounds a bit over-the-top but trust me on it, these truffles are sensational! I went ahead and shared them with family and friends and the look on their face when they bit into them was priceless! Make them for yourself and share them with someone to see what I mean. Their eyes widen and they go OY! Nomnom… nomnomnom! And then the IMG_0138 2 copytruffles gone.

Here’s the recipe!

Linwoods will be joining us at our next London Pow workshop so I look forward to making them again then, along with several other handmade protein chocolates, truffles, and bars! If you didn’t get a chance to join any of our workshops this year by the way, sign up to our newsletter because we have a top secret event coming up to which we’re giving out 5 *FREE* cooking workshop tickets. Say, waaa?! Sign up here :-)

PS: I’m unveiling our third clue to the Pow launch tomorrow! Stay tuned because this will be a BIG one.

Goji & Sea Salt Protein Truffles

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