DIY Protein Nut Butter

DIY Protein Nut Butter

Protein-rich nut butters, they’re all the rage now. You can spot them across fitness and health food expos worldwide and a lot of ‘gourmet-style’ health food stores and online retailers have now begun to stock them. People are going crazy (or should I say ‘nuts’, har har har) for them because they represent a more nutritionally-balanced and flavorful option than plain nut butter. Spread on toast, protein pancakes, or apple slices, they really are mmmm… delicious!

DIY PROTEIN NUT BUTTERIMG_0914What I love MOST about them though is the fact that you can make them at home at a fraction of the cost of what companies out there are charging you for them. And you can make them tastier too.

That’s what inspired my latest column. Access it here. It features three flavor variations for protein-rich nut butters but, guys, I want you to remember that the possibilities are endless. Just take the three I gave you in the column as an example of what you can do and then go bananas with your flavors. Buy some little jars of natural flavor essences or extracts (places like the Savory Spice shop are MADE for this kind of thing! Look at THIS), experiment by adding ground espresso or orange zest. Just close your eyes and let your tastebuds lead you!

Note: Don’t forget about Powtella too, i.e. ‘Protein Pow Nutella.’ It’s a good non-dairy option if for whatever reason, you want to make a high-protein spread without using whey. Make the Powtella anyways though; the stuff is… ZEUS!!! ZEUS!!!!!!! AAAA!!!! Here’s the recipe for it. And here’s the recipe for some Powtella Protein Truffles that’ll make your heart go boom-boom-boom.

DIY Protein Nut Butter

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