Dark Chocolate & Hazelnut Whey Protein Cookies (Low Carb)

Earlier today I released the tickets for the February London Protein Pow Workshop (17 are now gone, three remain available) and you might have noticed that the workshop will be sponsored by Myprotein – along with Total and Gaea, of course. That’s because, for the next six months, I’m using Myprotein as the main protein sponsor for my Protein Pow workshops and using them too for all my bulk ingredient needs here at Protein Pow. I’m also working with them more closely, creating a couple of recipes to feature on their site every month.

It’s funny because, those of you who have read my blog since the beginning, probably know that it was with Myprotein that Protein Pow started its journey, in the sense that theirs were the products I used the most for a while.

I used Myprotein a lot mostly due to their range of ingredients (coconut oils, nut butters, vegan protein powders) and the fact that they work wonderfully in cooking. They stock several of my all time favorites like whole psyllium husks (not the powdered stuff) and toffee flavdrops – one of the loves of my baking life. They also started stocking Whey Protein Crispies (!) and that means that all sorts of high-protein bars and Rice Krispie Treats are on the cards here at Protein Pow. Anyways, to launch our closer bond, I wrote this recipe for Dark Chocolate & Hazelnut Protein Cookies! You can find it here. I’d like to give you one word of warning though: the cookie dough – or batter – to make these cookies is ridiculous. It tastes like Nutella and will blast you into another dimension of nommage. Another thing: consider adding some chocolate chips and under-baking the cookies – you’ll get a softer gooey and delicious center!

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