Broccoli Protein Bread (Low-Carb & Gluten-Free)


A couple of weeks ago I read a story about a former JP morgan trader – Paul Shackleton – who launched a low-calorie gluten-free bread that is accredited by the UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) as “the lowest-carb bread in the UK.” The name of this bread? Plan Bread. Its secret? BROCCOLI.

“Brilliant!” I thought, because broccoli sounds like a great low-carb and nutrition-dense ‘bulk agent’ for baked food. But I was curious, did his bread also contain protein powder? I took to twitter to ask him. His answer? “Can’t give away all our secrets but we do not use protein powder.” This of course is not surprising. The guy can’t, after all, divulge the recipe without losing the uniqueness of his product. But don’t all products need to come with an ingredients list? With a macronutrient breakdown? The absence of this on his website I still don’t understand…

But anyways, that’s his thing. Let me tell you about mine.

I made this bread yesterday with Will – a bona fide tasmanian devil of a person with whom I’ve been cooking lots of protein craziness lately.

From the beginning, our plan was to make a protein bread that, instead of flour, used broccoli.

I’ll be honest, the whole thing was an experiment. We weren’t sure what would greet us when we opened the oven!

That’s why, when it came out looking like it did – like actual bread! – we were like two proud parents, coulnd’t stop looking at it – ohhhh and ahhhhhing and sweet la la laing!

And then, well… then we cut into it and MAMA MIA!!!! BREAD!!!

Proper sandwichable, sliceable, gorgeous-smelling… bread!

Below you’ll find the recipe, in video form, along with the macros ;-) Please ignore the fact that I pronounce broccoli as BRAAAAAc’li.

Oh and note: when you make your bread, add some herbs to the mix too! We kind of forgot to do this and it would have been nice :-)

OK. Here it is:

  • Desislava

    Absolutely amazing! Thank you for sharing!

  • Julie Byrne

    Hey! Fab recipe, going to try it this week. Can I just ask does it need pea protein or will it be okay without?! Thanks!

    • ANNA

      Pea protein is an integral part of the recipe…

  • Gab_B_Dee

    Made this TWICE today! Second time was PERFECTION. Will post a pic with tomorrow’s lunch/sandwich using the bread on IG. Thanks for this!! :D

  • fizzypeaches

    Hi Anna – great recipe so simple! i made it today, same ingredients, same silicone pan but just didnt rise as much as yours!! migh double the recipe next time so i get “sandwich slices” :)

  • Jacek Kocot

    Sorry but you must have got your macros wrong or the amount of ingredients

    1. Whey Isolate 1/2 cup (40g) is about 32g proteins
    2. Chickpea flour 1/2 a cup (80g) is about 10g proteins
    3. All eggs (2 whole and 3 whites) is about 24g proteins
    4. Broccoli 120g is about 3g proteins

    Same with carbs and fat. Chickpea flour on its own has about 60g carbs per 100g!!!

    • ANNA

      Where do you get chickpea flour from? I used pea protein powder, I didn’t use chickpea flour…

  • missdaoud

    hey there, Id like to make this asap but wont be able to get pea protein… will it work without it?

    • ANNA


  • Michelle Jager

    I made this just as written except I substituted the whey for Garden of Life Raw Protein. The bread was really tasty but it was really dense and didn’t really rise. Is this because of the lack of whey or is this just a dense bread? Either way, I’ll make it again. It was even better the next day with a smear of hummus! thanks

  • Film

    I’ve tried this twice now – it tastes great, but it’s very dense – why can’t I get it to rise? I’m following the recipe exactly!

  • Anonymous

    Can I use something instead of isolate?

  • Andy Mee

    Hi Anna, great recipe. Currently giving it a try.

    I have a question, would it work to drop the broccoli and use vanilla whey with the unflavoured pea protein to make it a vanilla bread? Would I need a substitute for the broccoli?

  • Anonymous

    Hi Anna,
    Do you have the carb, fat and protein p100g breakdown for the bread or just the pea protein or ideally both.
    On a strict regime where I need to count the grams of carbs in particular and would really like to use your recipes if the number is not too high.
    Many thanks

  • London Photographer and Retoucher

    WOW! I have just randomly stumbled upon your website looking for pea protein recipes and WOWWWW! :)

    Speechless, you certainly have a new fan, I can’t wait to try out more of your recipes, starting with this one. I LOVE YOUR SITE!

    Kristina x

  • Michael2012

    Absolutely beautiful. Thank you! I will add a teaspoon of baking powder to decrease the density.

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