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This chart goes hand in hand with the Protein Powders substiutions chart here. It is here to help you figure out which ingredients are substitutable for which ones in the context of protein powder cooking and my recipes. It’s a rough guide but I think it covers the basics pretty well. I’ll also anchor this post underneath the READ ME drop down menu above for future reference.

Note One: This chart is a rough guide to knowing which ingredients to use in place of which ones. It may not always work perfectly given that there are texture-differences between ingredients and recipes. But, nine times out of ten, the chart should allow you to make a good substitution and end up with something just as tasty!
Note Two: If there’s an ingredient you’d like me to add to the list, let me know and I’ll gladly substitute it.
  • Tina

    love it. Thanks for that awesome chart

  • Jag Heer

    Can you add substitutes for eggs for the vegans and vegetarians please.

    • ANNA

      I didn’t add it here because there isn’t a perfect sub for eggs is the thing; it totally depends on the recipe? E.g. a binding agent like eggs could be banana or quark or beet but they’re not perfect one to one subs, that’s the prob?

    • Vitor

      Perfect, Anna :D

  • Anonymous

    Quick question! Can wheatbran be substituted for psyllium husk?

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