The Best Low Carb Protein Brownies in the World – A Guest Recipe by Layne Norton!

Every now and then, I crash violently against a recipe that renders my writing-skills useless. It’s hard to maintain’s one’s composure – to keep one’s jaw shut and one’s heart rhythm stable – when reaching the peak of culinary protein splendor. This is one of these recipes that I just don’t know how to begin describing. So… I guess I’ll start at the beginning!

A few months ago, I stumbled upon Layne and Isabel’s Low-Carb Protein Cheesecake (see the recipe here!) When I tried it, I wanted to scream a mighty Halleluja and it was then that I made a mental note to one day, down the line, ask Layne to guest post on here. A couple of weeks ago, I decided it was time to ask. “Sure”, he said, “I have a brownie recipe at home that I think would blow people away!” So, here I am, writing this post from up in in the stratosphere, blown away as I was by these brownies! You’re going to love this recipe.

Before opening our arms are bestowing upon you this gift of protein glory though, I want to add a few words about Layne. For those of you that don’t know him, Layne Norton is a beast. Like yours truly, he has a PhD, but unlike me, his PhD is in Nutritional Sciences. Layne is a Natural Pro Bodybuilder (IFPA & NGA), a Muscular  Development Magazine Columnist, a Nutritional Researcher, and the head of ‘Inside the Life of a Pro Natural Bodybuilder’ at bodybuilding.comHere is Layne’s website and I urge you follow him also on facebook and twitter. Also, check out the interview that Layne recently did with my friend Ben from Propane FitnessLayne is an awesome guy and, seriously, if you’re not already a fan, well, the recipe below is sure to turn you into one.


85g chocolate whey
92g unsweetened dark chocolate
240g egg whites/egg substitute
80g cooking splenda
1 tablespoon baking powder
60g reduced calorie butter
120g walden farms zero calorie chocolate syrup
228g zero fat cream cheese


1. Heat your oven to 350 degrees. Set cream cheese out for 20-30 minutes to soften and mix all the ingredients in large bowl using a hand mixer until your batter is nice and smooth.

2. Then, pour batter into baking tray (spray first). Bake at 350 degrees F (176 degrees C) for 20 minutes. Allow them to cool and BAAAAAAAAAM! 

Macros per Serving (out of 20):

1.78g carbs
7.2g protein
2.5g fat
0.55g fiber

  • john koubis

    Will replacing the cottage cheese with yogurt work?

    • ANNA

      you mean cream cheese? probably yes, if it’s a super thick greek yogurt though cottage cheese or quark would be a better substitute…

    • john koubis

      commenting from Greece, so i will go with yogurt ;)
      Thanks for the reply Anna…

  • Mitch

    could yo go into a bit more detail on this recipe? what kind of unsweetened dark chocolate did you use? and about how many cups is 80g of splenda?

    • ANNA

      I use unsweetened 100% dark cocoa powder; cups? 80g of splenda in cups? no idea, the recipe was written by Layne in grams so I just followed grams…

  • patrickst

    What can you substitute the Splenda with? They don’t sell it here in Europe. Just any artificial sweetener?

    Also confused/jealous about your “zero fat” cream cheese and chocolate syrup, the best I can find is 5g fat /100g. Maybe the manufacturers are allowed to declare anything below x grams as zero fat in the US, who knows. :D

  • ANNA

    Hmmm I live in Egland and van find Splenda everywhere? It’s sucralose. As for the chocolate, you can leave the syrup out :-)

  • Unknown

    Could I used Vanilla Whey instead of the Choc Whey? Would that drastically change the flavor?

  • ANNA

    No that’d be totally fine; go for it :-)

  • Dan Nordon

    Hi Anna, could you replace the whey with casein ? I can really see myself eating tons of these and leaving no room for my casein shake before bed! haha. Thanks

    • ANNA

      Yeah probably could. Might actually be even nicer? give it a shot :-)

  • Dan Nordon

    Wow, Anna, I made these earlier this evening and what can I say? SENSATIONAL! Made them with the exact same ingredients except I used ON Chocolate Mint whey, and added some of your vanilla casein frosting on ze top! I would post you a pic but unfortunately they have been demolished ;) Non-guilt treat. 10/10 Cant wait to make some of your other recipes.

  • berry

    Did you melt the butter? and what size pan did you use? I’m in the us and used a 9×13? Thanks, Berry

    • ANNA

      Hi Barry, I used a medium silicone pan to make these, 9×9 I think? And yes, the butter was melted although it probably wasn’t all that necessary since you’re blending it all together at the end anyways :-)

  • Arwen

    Hey Anna! Did you use regular old Splenda for these? Or is “cooking Splenda” something special? Sorry for the naive question!! :)

    • ANNA

      When I made them I didn’t use any but I think Layne used regular splenda :-)

    • Arwen

      Thanks Anna! I’m glad I made them without the splenda too! They were fantastic without it :)

  • Lena

    Hello, Anna. Is your brauny really tasty? I cooked it (my first protein cooking) and the taste was so unpleasant. May be it’s need a time to get used to such food…

    • ANNA

      Oh really? Why, did you use all the same ingredients and stuff??

    • Lena

      I changed splenda to stevia (because I can’t find it here ) and didn’t put batter to reduce calories. And also I don’t have walden farms zero calorie chocolate syrup. I even didn’t know how it looks like :)
      But today when I was really hungry my cake did not seem to me so nasty as yesterday)))

  • Donna Howarth

    Could you replace the butter with coconut oil instead , to make it a little healthier ?

    • ANNA

      Sure can :-)

  • Warrior Princess

    Anna and Layne, you are both geniuses :) I just made these, added some almonds and less butter, no chocolate syrup and used a far to big pan (got reaaaaly thin brownies- I just called them thins), but with the perfect taste. Heaven!!

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