Night Time Fiber Chocoholia

This is how I deal with night time chocoholia, well, no. But it’s often my night time chocolate fix. The kind that packs a mighty load of fiber and a robust amount of vitamin C while delivering pure intense dark chocolate goodness.


15 psyllium
20g vanilla whey
5g  chocolate
nut butter


1. I just mix it up with a splash of watah (not much) and then, if it’s around, top it with some nut butter (WARNING: if you heat up psyllium, you’ll find yourself with a gooey what-the-hell not-so-nice-blob of ‘what’).

2. Oh yeah and that on the right is this Aussy Vit C powder which adds a hint of orange while giving back pure wholesomeness. If you’re in Aus, not getting a bottle of this stuff is plain old silly ;-)


Macros per Serving (out of 1):

15g protein
17g carbos (OF WHICH 12g = fiber)
3.4g of fat

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  • Jon

    I’ve been using a scoop of Casein and 1 tablespoon of natural PB then mixing with a little water until I get a thick pudding…It’s a wonderful night time snack! Sometimes I throw in some Optimum Nutrition “Fitness Fiber” to boost the fiber content!

    June 20, 2013 at 1:47 pm | Reply to this comment

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